Factory Types


Mark-1 Feed Mill Plant ±6t/h
Our compact design entry level, pre-grinding automated batching/mixing system is ideal to producer ±6 tons per hour.

Mark-2 Feed Mill Plant ±10 - 15t/h
It is very popular due to its modular design, low height and future expandability. Raw materials are pre-grinded.

Mark-3 Feed Mill Plant ±20 - 25t/h
Specifically designed for mono-gastric feed production, this model has a capacity of 20-25 tons per hour. The batch weighing scale, mixer and discharge hopper are in a tier layout.

Mark-4 Feed Mill Plant ±20 - 30t/h
This plant offers the option of pre- or post-grinding of raw materials with multiple batching systems. Capacity could be reached depending on layout and configuration.