Chain Conveyor

The chain conveyor is a reliable means of transport for the continuous transfer, horizontal or inclined, of granulated and powdered products. Chain conveyors are suitable for the transport of high capacities over long distances. It can be designed with intermediate outlets and slides. They are usually electro pneumatic driven, but manually controlled designs can be done.

Dalein Agriplan's chain conveyers are designed for dust proof transport of raw materials and finished products. Our chain conveyors are manufactured in a modular system and can be supplied in the exact required length. We systematically strive for simplicity and so Dalein has designed 3 types of chain conveyors that can provide various capacities of feed to suit the client’s needs:

• No waste: A design unique to Dalein Agriplan. The product is pulled from the intake to the outlet along the bottom of the chain as a gliding mass. If not discharged properly, products get rotated back to the beginning of the cycle so it can be discarded through the sluice at the position required. This cycle is continuous, which ensures zero product wastage.

• Transfer: A chain transports the product horizontally in one direction from the inlet to the outlet.

• Incline: The angle chain conveyor is suitable for work at different angles not exceeding 52° and often takes a product from one machine to the next at different levels.