Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevators are very efficient equipment for the continuous, vertical, dust-free transport of granulated and powdered bulk materials. Dalein Agriplan's bucket elevators are designed to stand on its own with or without support or in a structure. Material is fed into the boot of the elevator via an integrated inlet chute. The elevator belt runs over a pulley both at the top and at the bottom of the elevator. Buckets are attached and fitted at equal spaces to the belt by specialised elevator bolts which have a flat head, thereby minimizing interference with the head and tail end pulleys.

The goal is always to minimise spillage and thereby increase efficiency, while avoiding and designing around potential high-wear areas.

The top pulley is driven while the bottom pulley is fitted with a tensioning device. The base can be fitted with one or two intake chutes.

When an elevator is discharging, both gravity and centrifugal forces play an important role. The design of the inlet and discharge connections has a major effect on the capacity of the elevator. The content and shape of the elevator buckets, the bucket spacing, the belt speed and the pulley diameters also play an important role.

Some of the key design objectives are:

• Optimal performance

• Life span

• Maintainability

Model Capacity Max height standing alone
300 x 200 x Ø320 45m³/h 12m
300 x 200 x Ø500 45m³/h 25m
400 x 260 x Ø500 70m³/h 30m
550 x 325 x Ø600 100m³/h 30m