1. Ribbon Mixers

    Dalein Agriplan’s Ribbon Mixer has 3 different mixing capacitie:

  2. 1 ton
  3. 1.5 ton
  4. 2 ton

    The main benefits of these Ribbon Mixers are that they are cost effective and give a homogeneous mix within 3 to 4 minutes. These mixers are typically used where dry animal feeds are mixed. The Ribbon Mixers have 2 discharging methods:

  5. Standard double bomb drop doors along the length of the mixer for quick discharging
  6. A slide gate

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  • Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers

    Various Dalein Agriplan Hammer Mills are available. Capacities range from 3 to 20 tons per hour. Our unique asymmetrical design allows for optimum power-to-capacity ratios without aspiration. Aspiration remains available to enhance the capacity per kilowatt and ensure more homogeneous particle sizes.

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